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Evil Eye - Preserved Rose

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Bring some healing and positive energy to any space with our 8" inch wide - 30 preserved roses designing the Evil Eye symbol! We can add a handwritten card with your special message to surprise your loved ones.

Color of the roses are true blue, white, aqua and black preserved roses. The color of the base box is black or navy blue! Please select the color of the box in the special instructions tab at checkout

Our luxury roses last for a year or longer if you follow the suggestions on the instruction card. With our eternal roses, we offer an elegant, luxurious way to create lasting moments with the people you cherish most. Not just once, but every day, all year.
A perfect gift for all occasions 

The roses in our arrangements come from Ecuador and are carefully preserved to stay fresh for a full year without any maintenance ❤

Please keep in mind that bleeding of the darker roses may happen onto the lighter roses.