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Golden Gal - Preserved Roses

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Give a gift that lasts forever... all natural preserved roses! These roses last more than 1 year and always look fresh and new. This acrylic box look is all about elegance and beauty. This acrylic box comes with a heart acrylic box that is perfect too display your forever love.

Please select the color of the preserved rose you would like to gift.

Our Preserved Roses are 100% natural roses which are specifically harvested at their best bloom, that are naturally preserved to maintain their beauty. The are preserved by using a non toxic method which makes the roses long lasting without any maintenance. 

  • Our Preserved Roses are long lasting roses and will last up to 2+ years. 

  • DO NOT add water

  • DO NOT remove from the arranged box.

  • DO NOT touch the flowers or place anything on top of them

  • Keep the arrangement away from humidity, direct sunlight and extreme heat